Monday, November 7, 2016

p2 "Up All Night" nail polish duos

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure it's meant to be, but this definitely works as a New Year's collection in my opinion. I didn't do any creative mixing-and-matching this time, sorry about that; if you're interested in other combinations than the ones shown here, let me know.

First off, let me talk about the bottle caps here. I get that you had to make the caps of the bottles fit into the larger cap that holds both bottles together, but there's room for much bigger bottle tops in that big, black cap - they could be almost twice their height, and probably also a little wider, though the width isn't really a problem from my point of view. Despite the caps being so short, I didn't really have that much trouble with them at all; holding them would be a bit more of a comfortable experience if they were longer, though.

pink fizz

I used two coats of the white polish, and it wasn't exactly perfect at that; however, with the glitter and top coat over it, it looked fine to me. The glitter was easy enough to get out, but as usual, I manipulated it a little here and there to get it spread over the nail more evenly.


I applied two coats of the red base, which is a bit jelly-like and thus wasn't completely covering, and it might have been slightly patchy. But again, with the glitter covering it and top coat helping with smoothness, it didn't really matter. The topper was a bit of a hassle as at first, the diamond-shaped silver glitter didn't want to come out, even with fishing. At some point I managed to fish the right way, I guess, and got this to look good - as almost always, with a bit of manipulation of the glitters.

old fashioned

This gray-blueish base I actually love just by itself; I put on two coats of it, and again, it wasn't 100% perfect, but again, I figured it wouldn't be worth adding a third coat if it was gonna get covered in glitter anyway. This glitter was easy enough to get out of the bottle and didn't require fishing, just a little manipulation. I also added top coat.

singapur sling

This base actually required third coats to look good enough. I like the color a lot! I made sure to shake up the glitter and that seemed to help with getting the diamond-shaped glitter onto the brush. Once again, some manipulation of the glitters and top coat on top. These gold diamonds don't seem to lay as flat as the silver ones for some reason.


  1. Hübsch sind sie. :) Ich mag besonders die erste Kombination. ;-)

    1. Mir gefällt die zweite glaub ich am besten :)

  2. Die erste Kombi gefällt mir eigentlich am besten - aber andererseits erinnert der Topper doch arg an a cut above von Essie und Kitsch me if you can von Catrice. Da ist Nummer zwei doch deutlich spezieller und trotzdem wunderschön und super glamurös.

    Liebe Grüße ♥


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