Sunday, November 13, 2016

p2 "Mystic Whisper" nail polishes and nail jewelry

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to post all these limited edition releases as quickly as possible for y'all, and I do hope you haven't seen them a million times already. I experimented a bit with nail studs (that's what you call this stuff, right?) here...

cryptic aura

This is two coats. If you're someone who applies their coats more on the thick side, it might work out to be a one-coater for you. I added top coat for extra sparkle power.

I actually kinda liked what I came up with here - what do you think? The thing with this nail jewelry is that the metal bits are stuck (though not too well in some cases) to an adhesive sort of tape that will always be visible, even with top coat applied over everything. So that bugged me a bit with all of these. The other thing is that the tape of course loves to stick to your skin, too, so it can be hard to place the studs on the nail.

dark desire

Another one that was good at two coats with top coat. I like the shift in this.

Putting the rectangular studs horizontally on my nails wasn't my brightest moment, I suppose, but I tried.

addictive passion

This grayish green with gold flecks stole my heart a little bit... Opaque in two coats and just gorgeous with top coat, as shown.

I decided to go a bit more all-out with this pattern and liked it quite a bit.

sweet seduction

This is the only polish in this LE that I needed three coats of, as it seems to have a bit of a jelly-like base. I added top coat, as usual. A subtle shift here, but also pretty; I like it!

Placing these studs was a struggle. It was hard to hold onto the studs and also to place them at least somewhat straight on the nail. I liked my basic idea, but the execution wasn't the best.


  1. Addictive passion und das stud design dazu sind sehr hübsch :)

  2. Dark Desire habe ich mir auch gekauft, aber noch nicht lackiert, er sieht wirklich klasse aus muss ich sagen! *.*

  3. Bis auf Sweet seduction finde ich sie alle super hübsch, aber der lange Stiel ist sooo unpraktisch... damit krieg ich die doch nie im Leben in mein Nagellackregal! XD

    Liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Ja, warum das sein musste weiß ich auch nicht :P Aber zumindest beim Lackieren hatte ich damit keine Probleme.


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