Thursday, November 3, 2016

Maybelline Color Show "Disco Ball" toppers

Hello everyone,

Does anyone else find that Maybelline limited editions lately just pop up in stores unannounced? I remember some hypes over LEs from Color Show before, but lately I just stumble upon new stuff sometimes when I browse and I'm like "Oh look, something new, did they ever mention it would come out?". Not that I expect companies to talk about every little thing they do, but come on. In any case, this LE is in stores right now. There is a fourth polish, a sort of dusty, dark blue, which I didn't pick up just because it didn't quite seem interesting enough to me.


over black on pointer and pinky finger nails

over gray (H&M "Cloudburst")
Why in the world, though, would you call the collection "Disco Ball" and then name one of the polishes "Disco-Ball"? What the frick-frack?

Party Cracker

over black on middle finger nail

over beige (Catrice "Nude Knit")

New Year Countdown

over black on ring finger nail

over brown (Catrice "Maroon Mélange")

As you can see, all of these are a mix of hex and shredded, randomly-shaped glitter which also varies in size. I did some light fishing to try and get enough glitter on the brush to cover each of my nails in one go, which I find easier than having to go back into the bottle after a first coat. I also manipulated the glitters a bit to get them distributed the way I wanted them - obviously you only have a limited time window to do so before they stick too much to the base to be movable, another reason why I prefer to only have to apply one coat of glitter. I found the glitter-to-base ratio to be just fine, and added top coat for all the above pictures. Some of the irregularly-shaped glitters might stick up and not lay completely flat, but that's a rare occurence rather than the norm.


  1. Maybelline bringt LEs echt immer spontan raus. :D Die Topper sehen hübsch aus. ;-)

    1. Schon, oder? ;P Ja, die sind nicht schlecht.

  2. do you know if I can still buy these somewhere?
    They look pretty especially New Year Countdown!

    1. I'm afraid I don't really know. I haven't seen them in stores in a while.


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