Saturday, November 5, 2016

essence "The Little X-Mas Factory" - two polishes and nail stickers

Hello everyone,

Even though fall is still in full swing, the first holiday limited editions/collections are rolling in, and essence is, as usual, on board. Seriously, they pump out LEs like it's going out of style. Then again, they've kinda always been doing that, so no surprise there. I only picked up two of the four polishes released, the other two are a gold and a pink.

let's take an elfie

I used three coats and top coat for this one. It looked very patchy on the first coat, and on the second I wasn't really sure if I would ever get it to look good, but it looked fine on the third (even though it still doesn't cover 100%). This has a bit of a gritty texture and is quite thick, which doesn't necessarily make application easier. I thought maybe it would work as a topper, but really, with the patchiness and the coverage it has despite the patches, it definitely does not. I just realized this might be supposed to look like freshly fallen snow in the sun.

meet me under the mistletoe

I'm not sure why I was so hell-bent on getting this bog-standard dark green polish, but I guess for some reason I just felt weird only getting the white sparkly one. Oh well, at least it covers in two coats and was easy to apply. I added top coat, as usual.

santa's back in town nail jewelry stickers

These were fairly easy to use, not much to say about that - apart from the fact that you have to basically cut the edges when the sticker is already on your nail. This means that you have to be daring enough to cut the ends of the sticker back far enough so they won't get caught on everything, but also careful enough to not cut into the edge of your nail when doing that. But maybe that's just difficult for me.

My biggest gripe is really with the overall size choices of these stickers. They were too long for my nails, but not always wide enough to cover them completely (as you can kinda see on my pointer finger nail). There are three fairly narrow and short stickers, then two more medium-sized ones and two bigger ones. I don't think there's one wide enough for my thumb nail. I would personally use these as shown above - for an accent here and there. For application on all fingers this would probably seem too busy a pattern to me.


  1. Ach, Sticker jeglicher Art sind auch immer zu schmal für meine Nägel. :D Ich finde das Weiß eigentlich sehr hübsch, erinnert wirklich an Schnee. Und über einem weißen Cremelack würde das Unregelmäßige daran auch nicht auffallen. ;-)

  2. Elfie erinnert mich ein bisschen an Ski Slope Sweety aus der Mariah Carrey Collection 2013 von OPI. Der deckt auch so schlecht. :D
    Dein Design gefällt mir aber total gut! Ich liebe dunkle Grüntöne auf den Nägeln und in Kombination mit dem Weiß wirkt es noch edler!

    Liebe Grüße ♥

  3. Ich liebe das Grün und habe es mir auch gekauft. Was mich an den Stickern auch stört ist, dass das Muster nachdem man sie abschneiden muss völlig zerstört ist. Also die sind ja mit Umrandung gedacht, die dann oben an den Spitzen fehlt... o.O

    1. Ja, die Farbe ist schick :)
      Hat mich auch gewundert, aber muss sagen ich finde es nicht so schlimm.


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