Friday, November 11, 2016

Catrice "Neo-Natured" nail polishes

Hi everyone,

While we're in for a lot of sparkle, glitter and overall splendor with the holidays collections that are already starting to come out (and I'm totally on board with it all), this limited edition is a bit more subtle and laid back, I suppose, with earthy tones that really fit the mellow vibe of fall. What a long single sentence... let's get started already.

Maroon Mélange

I applied three coats and top coat here, but they were more on the thick-ish side. If you're using thin coats, be prepared to apply three.

Woodland LiBERRY

Here I used two coats, but had two spots that weren't perfect, so I just patched those up without doing a third coat. It might turn out a bit patchy, though, and will make you add another coat. Top coat was applied, too.

WALDEN's Leaf Letter

This was more sheer than I expected, and I needed three coats. If you apply thicker coats, two will be enough. As usual, I added top coat.

Nude Knit

As per usual with light, nude colors, I had to apply three coats of this to get it to be opaque and smooth. I was careful with the third coat, so that I wouldn't push down the brush too much and get patches again. Topcoated, as (almost) always.


  1. Nude Knit gefiel mir von der Farbe her ja sehr gut, aber dann habe ich gesehen, dass er schimmert und habe ihn stehen lassen. Aber Macaroon Melange durfte mit. Ich glaube er versteht sich sehr gut mit Playing Koi und It's a Piazza Cake. :D

    Liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Ja, ich war von der "Nude mit Schimmer"-Sache auch nicht so begeistert, aber es sieht eigentlich nicht schlecht aus.

  2. Hmm sind alle nicht so meins. Der Grüne ist noch etwas interessant. ;-)

    1. Der ist der Interessanteste, da geb ich dir Recht!


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