Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nivea Seiden mousse creme care shower foam [PR sample]

Hello everyone,

Being subscribed to the Rossmann blogger newsletter, I had the chance to try out a handful of products so far - the last one I covered was the complete RdeL Young "Beach Love" limited edition, which was pretty cool. I've also received a Dove shower cream thing before which I never reviewed because 1. I'm an idiot and 2. I used it up and threw the bottle away and then didn't know what to do besides feel ashamed and guilty. So with this Nivea shower foam I told myself that this time, things would go so much better. And then they kinda didn't, but at least we're here now, right? Right?!

I suppose most of us are familiar with shower foams by now, though I have to admit that this is the first one I've used. The directions are simple enough, though, so no problems there. Shake it, spray it, spread it, rinse it off - all done.

The foam feels soft and smooth on the skin. To me, it doesn't have the famous Nivea cream smell that is such a fond childhood memory for many. It smells... floral and creamy? Kinda like a nice-smelling granny? Okay, yeah, no. I don't really know how to describe it much better, I'm afraid.

I'm also not 100% sure what to use shower foams for - I feel weird using them instead of shower gel/body wash, but I think they'd be wasted as a simple shaving gel/foam replacement. So far, I've just been using the Nivea foam as a last step before getting out of the shower, an extra bit of pampering I guess. If you have tips please let me know!

Here's a link to the product for your convenience (you can find the ingredients there under "Inhaltsstoffe"): Nivea Seiden mousse creme care Pflegedusche

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