Sunday, August 7, 2016

p2 "Beauty Voyage" nail polishes

Hello everyone,

I just picked these up yesterday, so I'm actually quite happy that I have to show them here already. Someone applaud me for being productive for once, please?

curcuma dream

I needed three coats to get rid of the patchiness, and of course I added top coat. That bottle design made getting a decent photo a little hard, I gotta admit.

spicy cayenne

Only two coats and top coat here. Beautiful red color.

purple pepper

Another two-coater with top coat. This is fairly unique to me, as opposed to the two previous colors and the following one.

safran touch

This also covers well and needed only two coats. I finished off with top coat.

hot curry

While this color is also more on the unique end, I needed three coats of it (plus top coat); I wanted to call it good at two, but I wasn't quite convinced with the coverage, as it seemed just a tad patchy and I wasn't sure if top coat would fix it.


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