Monday, August 8, 2016

essence "Summer Fun" nail polishes

Hey everyone,

Here's another one of essence's many summer limited editions, most of which contain pretty generic colors that a lot of us (including me, obviously) buy anyway. Let's go.

Meet Me At The Pool

I didn't expect this to need three coats, even though it's a bit of a pastel color. As usual, I applied top coat as well.

Shine Brighter Than The Sun

This one takes the cake in this collection: I used four coats and top coat. I could have applied more, but that just seemed too ridiculous. It's Patch City here, though top coat helped smooth it out a bit.

Walking On Sunshine

Having slightly better coverage than Shine Brighter Than The Sun, I only applied three coats plus top coat here.

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Another three-coater with top coat. While I quite enjoy the colors (as non-unique as they may be), the formula on these polishes just wasn't all that for me.

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