Monday, August 15, 2016

essence "exit to Explore" 3/4 nail polishes

Hi everyone,

The one polish I didn't buy from this LE is called "apricot cockatoo" and as the name suggests, it's an apricot or coral sort of color. The last one here is quite a bit more exciting (to me, anyway), so let's see it.

Liana's In The Jungle

This is three coats with top coat, but it might be fine at two if your coats are on the thicker side. I didn't find it to have much of a duochrome to it, unfortunately.

Queen Of The Amazons

I applied two coats and top coat for this. I had initially thought it was a holo, but nope, just a shimmer.

Pink Parrot

This, however, is a holo! It covered in two coats for me or might even be fine at one thick coat. I added top coat, as usual. Couldn't resist taking a shot in direct sunlight as well, which is (obviously, I guess) the second photo.


  1. Wow, die sind hübsch :) Und den Holo muss ich mir doch glatt mal näher angucken.

    LG Lotte

  2. Beautiful, I have to get my hands on the holo one :D

  3. Pink Parrot gefällt mir auf Anhieb am Besten, gleich mal die Drogerie stürmen :D


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