Monday, July 18, 2016

RdeL Young "Beach Love" nail polishes [PR sample]

Hey everyone,

Last week on Friday I found a quite special little package on my doorstep. Now, let me preface this post by saying that before I received these polishes as PR, I had already bought the full set as well as backups of my favorites. I do not get any form of compensation to talk about these products, however, I did receive them for free. As usual, you can simply get in touch with me should you have any questions concerning transparency, PR samples and the like - my e-mail address is in the "Impressum" tab, and comments are always a possibility for questions, of course. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's see this whole thing, shall we?

Now I have to say that, while I'm grateful to have received this package from Rossmann (which RdeL and RdeL Young are exclusive to, as far as I know), it came quite a bit after I had already been able to purchase the collection in store, and at this point the displays are probably mostly picked over or empty. As I said, I'm grateful for the free products, I do however think sending PR samples out early so that reviews and pictures can go up just around the launch date of a collection - or a bit before that - would have a bigger impact. Just my two cents on that.


Since I was suspecting that this would be a bit sheer, I decided to put down a white base on my ring and pinky finger nails for comparison's sake. I used one coat of Tahiti over white, and three coats of it by itself. Top coat was added, as (almost) always. I swirled the brush around to get more glitter, I'm not sure it's strictly necessary, though.


Three coats plus top coat. Not loving neither the bar glitter nor the base color, but not hating it either.


Three coats and top coat. Does this remind anyone else of strawberry ice cream?

Saint Tropez

Three coats and top coat. I think you would be better off layering this as well.

St. Barth

Three coats plus top coat. I would like this more if it had, for example, round glitter instead of bar glitter. As it is I don't hate it, which is probably thanks to the base color appealing to me.


I used white as a base and added one coat of the topper, swirling a lot to get more glitter, and letting the base drip off the brush before application. Of course I added top coat as well. It looks quite nice, but I would prefer it less base-heavy.


I can't say much about this, as it's actually quite the same as Acapulco. You might be able to tell, however, that I had more trouble getting glitter out of this one than I had with Acapulco.

Bora Bora

Another three-coater which I added top coat to. For some reason the bar glitter doesn't bother me as much here - maybe because it's more tone-in-tone with the base. Not that I usually find bar glitter all that bothersome, but I don't really love it (if you couldn't tell).


Three coats plus top coat. Not bad, not my favorite.


Now this is one of my highlights from the collection. Again, it would probably be better to layer this over a base color; I used three coats and top coat here.

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