Friday, July 22, 2016

p2 "dive into Beauty" nail polishes

Hi everyone,

Today I'm sharing another p2 limited edition with you, this time it's ocean-themed.

ocean breeze

As you can see I tried this by itself (three coats) and over black (one coat), and I definitely prefer the latter, as I believe the former will never give an opaque finish. However, I also have to say that if you apply it over black, try not go over the same spot twice as it will look very patchy and uneven; in the photo you actually see my second try, for which I applied ocean breeze very carefully, because the first try just looked bad. As usual, I added top coat.

lilac jellyfish

Here I used three coats and top coat, and this polish could benefit from a fourth coat. I was fine with three.

coral bay

This one is less sheer than the others and I applied only two coats, plus top coat. You might need three.

emerald sea

Another three-coater here, and you might end up using four. Shown with top coat.


  1. Also für mich alle definitiv zu streifig muss ich sagen :/

    1. Kann ich verstehen, mir macht es zum Glück meistens nichts aus.

  2. Och nöö. Ich hab mir den weißen gekauft, weil er grau aussah. Ich glaube, der darf gleich wieder gehen und ich kaufe mir den lilafarbenen. :D Tolle Bilder - danke dafür! :)

    Liebe Grüße, Bianca

    1. Freut mich, dir geholfen zu haben :)


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