Sunday, July 24, 2016

L'Oréal "Glitter Fever" top coats

Hey everyone,

Now that I've spent about fifteen minutes trying to find out the name of this collection we can finally start writing up this blogpost! I actually picked these up a while ago already, but wasn't sure how interested anyone would be in these. In any case, here we are. I put these over the essence bloggers' beauty secrets polishes and didn't have any problems I can recall with getting a good amount of glitter out. I applied top coat on all of these swatches.

Ballet (over Be Happy + Smile)

Flamenco (over All Eyes On Me)

Bollywood (over Hello Beautiful!)


over Shine Bright

And for good measure, over white.


  1. Ich stand letztens vor dem Regal und habe mir diese Glitzertopper angesehen. So richtig umgehauen hat mich keiner, auch wenn sie alle hübsch sind. Ich überlege noch, Flamenco zu kaufen. Den kann ich dann zur nächsten WM für Deutschland-Designs super verwenden. :D

    1. Dafür taugt er auf jeden Fall :D


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