Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ILNP - Walking Home (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

I have a bit of a confession for y'all. I photographed a ton of these polishes last weekend, and when I transferred them to my computer, well... I had a hard time telling them apart. So these should be correct, but a tiny part of me is still unsure.

I applied two coats and top coat. A third might not have hurt. The color is very beautiful in any case.


  1. Sieht super aus! :)
    Vielleicht solltest du immer vor jedem Lack den Flaschenboden mit dem Namen fotografieren. :D

    1. Danke!
      Normalerweise hab ich damit kein Problem >_> Danke für den Vorschlag!

  2. Ooooh wie schön! :)

    LG Lotte


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