Friday, July 22, 2016

ILNP - My Private Rainbow (X) (over essie - loot the booty; Blue Friday + Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

Having been slightly disappointed (unfulfilled expectations being the reason more than anything) by the look of essie's loot the booty by itself I decided to put My Private Rainbow (X) over it, and what can I say? I don't even wanna take this off.

One coat of this topper is enough to add that gorgeous sparkle. It's quite subtle to me, but we haven't had a ton of sun since I put this on, so it probably is a bit more out there in sunlight. Of course I added top coat - can't pass on that extra shine! And the fast-drying properties, obviously.


  1. Genial! Echt, die Kombination ist der Hammer und genau mein Ding. :)

    1. Vielen Dank - fand sie auch richtig gut :D


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