Friday, July 1, 2016

essence "bloggers' beauty secrets" nail polishes

Hi everyone,

I feel like blogger and brand cooperations have basically gone through the roof - not necessarily in success, but definitely in number. In the nail polish world I would claim that piCture pOlish takes the cake in this respect; they've released a ton of shades in cooperation with bloggers, heck, they even released a shade called "blogger". Anyway, more mainstream brands have caught on and are massively jumping on the bandwagon, and essence is among them.

Be Happy + Smile

without top coat

with top coat

Since this is a pastel and it dries matte, I had a bit of a hard time getting this to be non-patchy and level and all that. I used three coats and I think thicker is better here.

Hello Beautiful!

This will cover in a single coat if you apply it a bit thicker, I used two because I always polish in thin coats and it wasn't looking perfect on the first one. As you can see, this shows every brushstroke and top coat didn't help that, either.

All Eyes On Me

without top coat

with top coat

Another one that dries matte, but this only needed two coats, and might even be a one-coater if you apply it thick enough.

Shine Bright

I used two coats, but found it to be between two and three. I finished with top coat.

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