Saturday, July 16, 2016

essence "the Beach house" nail polishes

Hello everyone,

As usual essence is pumping out one limited edition after another, so here I am with a current one.

Beachy Keen

I applied three coats and tried to be especially diligent with the last one, so that it would leave a smooth surface. Top coat also helped, I suppose.

A Summer Kinda Girl

The formula on this one is pretty much the same as with Beachy Keen - three coats, be diligent with the final one. You might notice that the color is weirdly yellowish in some places; this is caused by the top coat. I initially thought that my "swatching top coat" (which is a mixture of all top coats I don't like to use for actual manis, this way I can still use them up) had finally gotten too yellow and weird to use, so I redid the swatch with HK Girl (my top coat of choice) and it was the same. I don't know why this happened.

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

A textured polish! Another three-coater here, with no top coat.

And with top coat because I can hardly ever resist trying texture polishes both ways. The sparkle stands out better, but still isn't very well visible, which is probably due to a lack of contrast between silver and white.

Splish Splash

The final three-coater is this pretty blue shade that dries matte, but of course...

...I tried it with top coat as well.

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