Thursday, July 14, 2016

China Glaze "Hologlam" - OMG A UFO (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hey everyone,

I gotta say I struggled a little to find an olive shade to show here. While it is a color I have been going for more as of late in terms of purchasing, my storage is just too overflowing to find anything really easily. Thankfully, this one came to mind and was easy enough to get to.

I did three coats because I saw a tiny bit of patchiness that I wanted to cover, so I was careful with my final coat and added top coat. And while I love the cool weather (no sweating, hooray!), I do wish I'd had a bit of sun to show you the holographic properties.


  1. I love this polish and think I need to pull it out of my drawer soon.

  2. Na, das is mal die perfekte Ausrede: Zu viele Lacke, um einen zu finden :P Aber der hier ist wirklich eine gute Wahl gewesen, sehr schöne Olive :)


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