Sunday, June 5, 2016

skittelette and stamping with Born Pretty Store plate BP-10 [PR sample]

Hey everyone,

This is the final post in my little Born Pretty Store review series. This stamping plate I had seen before and immediately felt the need to own it. I mean come on, inspired by Sailor Moon? Sign me up!

I didn't receive any sort of compensation to talk about the five products I showed you, however the products themselves were provided to me for free. None of the links included in this post are affiliate links. If you have any questions pertaining to the topic of transparency and PR on my blog I would be happy to answer them, just leave a comment or contact me via email (see the "Impressum" tab on the blog, you can find the address there).

Lovely Mixed Star & Moon Stamping Template
While more of a special occasion type of plate, I am indeed happy to have it at hand.

Having played around with the essence "Juice It!" limited edition jellies, I decided to use all four of them as base for the stamping here. I had intended to use gold for the stamping, but only managed to get it done on my pinky finger nail. After that, I couldn't seem to get the image to pick up completely anymore, so I thought switching to black would help. However, that was only partly true. I needed quite a few tries before I got to what you're about to see in the next photo, and I don't know why.

As before, I used the clear jelly stamper I won in Marina's giveaway. I don't have any idea why the image wouldn't pick up onto the stamper correctly; I have to say after a while it became quite frustrating. Thus, unfortunately, I can't show you a perfect stamping here. As usual, I finished with top coat.

If you'd like to save 10% the next time you buy something from BPS, why not use my code PWBQ10? You can always find it in the sidebar of this blog. I don't make anything off of it, by the way, just in case you were wondering.

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