Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Catrice "Rock-O-Co" - L'Ombre À Sanssouci (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hey everyone,

I think it's fair to say that gray is one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails, and it has been from the beginning. Even though my taste has vastly diversified over the years, gray polish is still quite high up there. And if you're asking yourself if you remember right, well, you probably do.

I think two coats should be good with this. I love gray shades like this one a lot - slightly blue-toned, and just very elegant-looking in my opinion. I didn't use top coat here as this dries to something akin to a rubber finish.


  1. Ein schöner Grauton - und vor allem mit diesem Finish durchaus spannend!


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