Friday, April 15, 2016

RdeL Young "Little Paradise" nail polishes

Hi everyone,

While I think we're well past the peak of the textured/sand/whatever nail polish trend, there's still some brands that release collections including - or in this case entirely made up of - textured polishes. Personally, I don't mind.

The very rough sand texture makes all of these fairly hard to apply nicely after the first coat, so depending on how well you handle that you'll need two to three layers.

Secret Garden

This one is probably my favorite from the bunch!

Floral Magic

I'm not loving the orange base color, but I don't hate it. If you notice a bit of a weird patch on my middle finger nail, well... I nicked the wet polish surface and patched it up kinda terribly.

Blue Hawaii

This gives me a bit of a 60ies tropical Hawaii vibe indeed, so I guess the name works.

Soft Blossom

Another one I'm not loving, the pink shade just doesn't appeal to me greatly.

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