Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Orly Mini Swatch Spam No. 2 (Wir lackieren...)

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you guessed from the title of the first post like this: There's more in the series. So here we go with the second edition of my April Catch-Up Swatch Spam.

Velvet Rope

Having tried this before and not liking it at all, I was a bit apprehensive about swatching it (again). I needed three coats, but as usual this will depend on your application; two might be sufficient. As nearly always, I added top coat. Oh, and did I like it better this time? Kind of. I'm still on the fence.

Lavish Bash (over Velvet Rope)

This glitter is very dense and only needs one coat over a base, or probably about three to get mostly opaque by itself (I haven't tried to get it there, though). Top coat is pretty important here in my opinion, both to make the glitter shine and to smooth out the surface, so I applied some, of course.

Sparkling Garbage (by itself and over black)

Just like with Miss Conduct, the hype around this polish was quite real, though not quite as huge as around its sister, I think. I would recommend layering this over something, even though it will make the green tint mostly disappear, at least if your base is dark, like mine. Over the black it really mostly looks like any scattered holo top coat, however I used four coats for the "by itself" portion of the photos, so take your pick, I suppose. Yes, I used top coat.

Hot Tropics

At three coats, I could still make out a bit of visible nail line, but I thought it was still good enough and added top coat. I'm not sure it would get much better with more coats either. I feel like the name is very fitting for this polish for some reason.

It's Electric (over Hot Tropics and that blobbicure I can't seem to shut up about)

This topper requires some fishing and also is quite base-heavy. However, this also helps spreading it out as spreading out dense glitters can sometimes be challenging, to me at least. Doesn't the glitter over the blobbicure remind you of water sparkling in the sunlight? As (nearly) always I put top coat over everything.


  1. Schick schick schick. :) Und deine Nägel sind momentan so wahnsinnig lang! Den Sparkling Garbage hatte ich mal und fand es schrecklich, dass er so gar nicht selbst decken wollte... ^^

    LG Lotte

    1. Danke sehr! Leider sind sie inzwischen schon wieder abgebrochen :( Ich hatte irgendwie auch nicht erwartet, dass er so durchsichtig ist.


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