Monday, March 7, 2016

piCture pOlish - winter (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

Since I have thirty-three piCture pOlish nail polishes and there's only 31 days in March I decided to double post on three days this month. If you find out the pattern I'll give you a virtual cookie. So while winter is basically over, in our hearts anyway, I wouldn't want you to miss this beauty.

I used two coats and top coat. Winter has a special meaning to me as I was born in this season, and I just love snowy landscapes as well as the crisp, fresh air on a winter's day. Getting anywhere is a wholly differnt matter, but basking in winter's beauty is a thing I do adore. Also, doesn't this gray with flecks of silver remind you of a cozy sweater?


  1. Ich will ihn unbedingt noch haben! :) Und wow, hast du viele unlackierte PPs! Ich glaube, ich liege insgesamt irgendwo über 30. ^^

    LG Lotte

    1. Kann nur empfehlen, ihn anzuschaffen ^^ Das sind einfach alle, ich glaub ich hatte noch keinen hier gezeigt...


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