Thursday, March 24, 2016

piCture pOlish - denim (Wir lackieren...)

Hi everyone,

Did you know that the man who - together with his business partner - is considered to be the inventor of jeans was born and raised in Germany? Not too far from where I live, actually, in a small town near the city of Bamberg. The word "denim", however, is derived from French. Another fun fact before we finish the history lesson: 5-pocket jeans have that fifth tiny (and nowadays mostly useless) pocket because at the time they became popular, men still carried pocket watches - yes, that's what that is for!

I used two coats and top coat, but considered adding a third layer. To me, it's not quite the color of jeans, but then again, who really cares?


  1. Hey, das mit den Taschenuhren habe ich auch neulich irgendwo gelesen. :) Mir war der Denim leider ein wenig zu sheer... Aber farblich mag ich ihn.

    LG Lotte

    1. Ist ja witzig :D Ja, ich hatte ehrlich gesagt erwartet, dass er besser deckt. Aber wie du sagst, farblich gefällt er mir auch.


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