Tuesday, March 1, 2016

piCture pOlish - big bang (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

We're starting the new month off with a BANG! This is awesome in many ways, and I'll explain why in just a second. Let's see the star of the show first, though, shall we?

I needed three coats for this one, and you see it here with top coat.

Now why is this polish especially awesome to me? First off, I'm a massive geek. And a nerd, too. I love everything to do with space and the universe and all that stuff. So naturally, this has the perfect name. Secondly, I love purple. It's no secret. Thirdly, flakies!!!!11 And finally, I quite enjoy what Big Bang (used to) do. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I will humbly redirect you. It's going to make some noise, indeed!


  1. Der perfekte Einstieg in den neuen Monat! :) Vor allem, wenn er dich so gl├╝cklich macht. ;D

    LG Lotte


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