Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CbL Colors by Llarowe - Mocha Grande (Wir lackieren...)

Hi everyone,

We're continuing the second series on here with CbL, or Colors by Llarowe. The other brand Lotte and Tine chose for this month is essie, but let's just be real, I have no chance of going through all my essie untrieds in one month. That'd be like a multi-month series. However, with CbL, it's a much easier job!

This is two coats with top coat. The first photo is with flash, the second one I climbed around in my bathroom for, trying to get the spotlights as close to my nails as possible to get a shot that wouldn't have a super long exposure time (and thus be blurry). The flash photo definitely shows the color better, but the holo looked so nice on the second one that I had to include it as well. In low light, this just looks like a dark brown with shimmer.


  1. Hach, er ist sooooo schön! :) Und ich freu mich, dass du wieder mitmachst.

    LG Lotte

  2. I'm starting to like brownish polishes more and more and this looks amazing.

    1. I also am warming up to them more. Thanks!


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