Saturday, February 6, 2016

CbL Colors by Llarowe - Aubergine Dreams (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

Today I've got the second CbL polish in my collection to show you, and it's a gorgeous one! Just like Mocha Grande, this one's a holo.

Two coats with top coat. Just a second, gotta wipe away that drool. It's no secret that purple is my favorite color, so of course I love this one. I also have to say, though, that there is another polish I go even more bananas for yet to come in this series...


  1. Ich liebe diese Farbtöne mit Holo ja auch so sehr! :) Diesen besitze ich aber leider nicht. Jetzt bin ich aber umso gespannter, welches dein Favorit sein wird. :D

    LG Lotte


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