Monday, January 18, 2016

H&M nail polishes - Top or Trash?

Hey everyone,

H&M releasing their updated and expanded line of beauty products got quite a bit of attention, so when I ordered from their website a little while back I decided to get some nail polish - of course! They had three sets available, of which I purchased two. Let's see what shades I chose and how they perform.

These first three polishes are from the 'Precious Neutrals' set.

Masala Chai

This took three coats for me as my nails are ridge-ridden and usually pastel polishes or those that are heavily white-based have trouble covering those evenly. Even so, I like this color quite a bit. The brush on these polishes is wide and rounded, so application was pretty easy for me. This is with top coat, as are the other photos.


This needed two coats only. I don't love it with my skin tone, but it's fine.


This is a mix of bronze and silver, quite small glitters. I applied this over Kalahari, as I thought they matched up nicely. One coat only.

The other set I got is called 'Heaven Sent' (dramatic, are we?).

Neo Noir

This black is pigmented, y'all. I think if you apply it diligently, it might be a one-coater. This, however, is two.

Bijoux over Neo Noir

To be honest, I tried out this combo first, because I knew the glitters would show up much more over this than over Kalahari. Again, just one coat is necessary to get perfect coverage (over a base color, that is!).

Prismatic (over Masala Chai)

This topper, peeps, this topper. Is a mix of silver and silver holographic glitter, in various sizes. You will get a good bit of glitter on the brush, however, I had to manipulate the pieces a bit to get them where I wanted them. Do they lay flat or stick up? Well, I think they do pretty darn well in that regard.

Space Race

Yes, it's holo. Two coats, and you can see all the ridges on my nails. Nevertheless, it's pretty. I just didn't have any sunlight to make the holo show. With just natural lighting on an overcast winter's day, it hid itself - you can only see it a wee bit.

Single polishes are € 4.99 per bottle, however these sets are € 14.99 each, which makes the three polishes contained a ridiculously low amount more expensive than if you bought them individually, which, WTF. I guess the shiny boxes they pack these in and the fact that they are marketed as limited edition make up for the two cents "lost".

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and I do intend to get some more of these, as there are quite a few colors that pique my interest. I would also like to see them in store, though, because some shades I'd like to try are sold out online (like this one, for example) - if only at the moment or more permanently, I do not know. Unfortunately, they do not offer a 'notify me once this is back in stock'-sort of feature on the website. The next store that I know of, however, is in Nuremberg, and unless I felt like going to some other shops as well I wouldn't make the trip.

Now, I know that at least the creme shades aren't very unique or new, but they are nice quality. Are they worth € 4.99 for only 8 ml/0.27 fl oz? Well, if you find something you really like or just can't get enough of, I'd say go for it. Prismatic, Bijoux and Space Race are quite interesting to me, and I would like to discover more like them. I'm not sure if equal amounts/shades/types of products are available in Germany/Europe as there are in the US, but usually the ranges are not the same, so I'm assuming there are some differences.

So what's the final judgment? Top!


  1. I like HM polishes but for some reason I tend to forgett to buy them!

  2. Unser H&M hat die Lacke natürlich nicht... Da gibt es so einen frostig blauen Holofunkellack - da wäre ich ja scharf drauf. :)

    LG Lotte

    1. Natürlich... Das hört sich auf jeden Fall interessant an. Wenn ich öfter nach Nürnberg kommen würde, würde ich ja mal beim H&M reinspringen, aber so :/

  3. wow, these look so pretty! However, they're not as cheap as I'd imagine being a h%m product..

    1. Yeah, they're a bit more expensive than one would expect. I do appreciate the brush, bottle design and quality, though, so I don't mind too much.

  4. Die Glitterlacke finde ich klasse :) Und danke für das Instagram-Bild - ich bilde mir ein, dass ich das bei Insta verpasst habe -.- Ich muss mal schauen, ob ich hier vor Ort irgendwo die Lacke finde, wobei der Preis ja gar nicht so ohne ist...

    1. Ich auch! Gerne gerne :)
      Ja, der Preis ist etwas höher, vor allem weil nur 8 ml drin sind. Ausprobieren lohnt sich meiner Meinung nach aber trotzdem.


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