Sunday, January 17, 2016

Catrice "Rough Luxury"

Hello everyone,

Here's some actually relevant and up-to-date content for you, how 'bout them apples? After the "extravagance" (and tackiness, tbh, as they say) of Treasure Trove, Catrice brought us a distinctly $150 driftwood-inspired LE. What does that even mean? Who knows.
Beware, I forgot to take notes on how many coats I applied of these, so I'm more trying to remember and guesstimate than actually passing on useful information.

Natural Nude

I think this needed three coats. Shown with top coat... While I feel the shade plays fairly nice with my skin tone, I don't appreciate the silvery shimmer a lot. Might be able to overlook that for everyday wear, though.

Rustic Red

More artistic new pose? No? Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program. I could barely get my hand in that position anyway. (Let me know what you think though!)

Probably two coats with top coat. Lovely deep red.

Call Of The Wild

Based on how light this is I'm gonna say two to three coats are needed. This is also with top coat. It's a light grey but somehow I feel like it has a drop of green in there as well.

Arctic Shadows

Oh greys, how I love you. No exception here. I think two coats with top coat.

Frozen Flows

over Natural Nude (ring finger left glossy to see how much of a difference it actually makes on such a light shade)

over Rustic Red

over Call Of The Wild

over Arctic Shadows

All without top coat to preserve the "frosted matt effect", as Catrice calls it.

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