Friday, January 29, 2016

Catrice "It Pieces" (spring/summer 2016 preview collection) - SUNdra, You R On My Mint, Mauve To The Beat

Hey everyone,

While winter gave its debut and - for now - final performance all within about a week's time, cosnova (the parent company behind essence and Catrice, in case you didn't know) is preparing to launch their spring and summer ranges. They have taken to releasing a bit of a teaser collection before coming out with the full range, and naturally I couldn't resist grabbing some of the nail polishes. Four are included in the It Pieces "limited edition" (it's not really limited though because everything becomes permanent until they change again for fall/winter) and I am missing only "Robinson Coralsoe", which just didn't pique my interest. It might correct that at a later point, though...


First off, I don't get the pun behind this. Is it like a play on words with Sandra and sun? Oh well. In any case this needs about two coats and is shown with top coat, as are the other two.

You R On My Mint

How many times has a variation of that been used as a polish name? Lord only knows. This needed three coats for me, again with the pastels it just seems impossible for me to keep it under three coats.

Mauve To The Beat

While I don't personally appreciate the categorizing of colors into "seasonal" shades, I do find this one a bit odd for a spring and summer range. Then again, it is a very lovely color and I think people who need to appear very serious and "business-appropriate" in their workplace would like this quite a bit. Two coats and it should be good to go.


  1. Der Mauveton gefällt mir sehr gut und das Rosa auch. :) Mit so etwas pastigen Minttönen hab ich's nicht so.

    LG Lotte

    1. Mir gefällt auch das Mauve am besten.


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