Tuesday, November 17, 2015

essence "All That Greys" (because you know I'm all about those grays)

Hey everyone,

Today we're looking at an LE that was basically made for me. Grays! Yay! While I don't wanna endorse the series in any way, I might just have fifty shades of gray (nail polish).

Back To Black

You will need two to three coats, depending on your application method - and luck, really. It was tricky in application for me because it dries down so fast with my very thin coats. This is without top coat. Unfortunately, I forgot to swatch with top coat. But if you can imagine a shiny black with a silvery-blue shimmer running through it, you've pretty much got it down. I wore it the other day and liked it quite a bit, more than the matt version definitely.

Step Into The Grey Zone

Two coats with top coat.

Greyt Times

Two to three coats with top coat will be needed here because it might be a bit patchy.

Girl With A Pearl

You might need between two and three coats with this because it also tends to be patchy. It can take on different shades - it can look beige- or grey-tinted, and it will also seem different depending on your surroundings and the lighting you're in. It's a nice off-white - not pure white.

Roaring Red

Two coats, no top coat. Easier to apply than Back To Black for some reason. It probably helps to apply your coats a bit thicker if you, like me, usually do very thin coats.

With top coat - so much prettier in my opinion.

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