Monday, March 30, 2015

Flower Power (Mottomonat März: Blütenzauber)

Hey guys!

Just like last month I wanna participate in Cyw's motto month again, and this time we're looking at a flower design. I used a plethora of stuff for this, so let's get into it...

I actually did two designs, or styles, because... well, I was inspired! So let me tell you what all of this is.

On my pointer and middle finger nails are the Thumbs Up nail wraps in "Aloha". I wasn't too happy with them because they didn't fit my nails very well at all. They are pretty, though.

As a base for the other nails I used one of p2's new Metal Reflection polishes called "green grunge", which is a dark, olive-y green with pink shimmer. It also has a multichrome to it and I think it's pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's also pretty sheer. I used three coats, I think, and a fourth wouldn't have hurt, but I was going to put stuff over it anyway, so it didn't matter all that much to have 100% perfect opacity - and it was good enough at three coats anyway.

Now for the arty bits... I did the white triangle with just white polish and striping tape. The flower charm is from the essence nail art 3D jewels set "to love".

On the second picture I changed it up a bit and added a black triangle (again with the help of striping tape), swapped the flower charm for white half spheres and did an additional flower design on my pinky nail, which you can find a tutorial for in this video by one of my favorite YouTubers. The flowers are again done with just black and white polish plus Glam Polish "Welcome to the 60's" for the dots in the middle.


  1. These are just gorgeous. I could never have the patience to do this. Lol Thanks for the link. Another beauty tuber to follow. :-)

    1. Thank you! I normally don't either, but I guess I was in the mood to play around. You're welcome, I hope you enjoy! :)

  2. Ui, wow, ja wahnsinn! So viele Designs/Styles-- ich weiß gar nicht, welche Finger ich am besten finden soll! Wobei die Water Decals mit dem Hawaii Feeling ein bisschen vorne liegen - die 3D Blüte sieht zwar mega aus, ist aber bestimmt unpraktisch, oder? Das Dreieck mit den Perlen finde ich total klasse, vor allem die Perlen, sieht wirklich großartig aus, auch als Kontrast zu den bunten Blumen. Wirklich toll, alles zusammen!

    1. Danke ^^ Die Hawaii-Dinger sind eigentlich Aufkleber - ich hab sie am nächsten Tag auch einfach wieder abgezogen xD Ja, die Blüte ist wirklich riesig und nicht unbedingt für mehr als ein paar Stunden zu empfehlen - und selbst dann fällt sie vermutlich ab. Danke nochmal!


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