Sunday, February 22, 2015

Born Pretty Store review

Hey guys!

I gotta admit something to you. In September of last year I had a bit of e-mail correspondence with Born Pretty Store. Of course I knew who they were - I would say most people in the blogosphere do. They asked me if I'd like to pick some products from their store and do a review on them, and after a bit of back and forth things were settled. So I waited. And waited. After a few weeks, I began to think that maybe their package had been lost - stranger things have happened. Anyway, it did come. I don't quite remember when exactly, but I took my review photos in November, so I suppose it came maybe about a week before that. And here we are, a week before March 2015 and I still haven't posted my review. I can't tell you how terrible I feel about being so late, but in the end, I figured better late than never. So, just about, like, three months late - here we go!

First off, the products I chose are here:
Black Cat Mini Water Decals
Gradient Nails Soft Sponges

Black Cat Mini Water Decals - received for free from BPS

Gradient Nails Soft Sponges - received for free from BPS

Halloween Water Decals - received for free from BPS; This product I didn't choose, they just threw it in as an extra I guess.

First off, the sponges! I chose these because I have tried a few sponges before but they never gave the result I saw so many other people get with theirs. In the beginning I thought I was just a total sponging failure, but at some point I started blaming the sponges. So I thought I'd try these just to see if they'd give me what I was looking for.

These sponges are not cut all the way through, so cutting one of them off the bunch was the first thing I did.

I sponged with glitter here and it worked fine for me.

Next I sponged with a textured polish and it worked fine as well.

I wanted to try a gradient - I picked a bit of a not-so-good lightest color, but well. I feel like I need to try this with another combo but the first impression I had was definitely pretty good.

Next up: Water decals! I've never had water decals before, so I was really curious about these.

Of course I put the first one on the wrong way. I thought you just had to press the paper onto your nail, but haha, yeah, no. So the second one I pulled off the paper support with tweezers and hey, you can actually see the cat there. Don't ask... They didn't lay 100% flat, which made me a bit sad, but maybe I need more practice.

I also tried one off the Halloween sheet and it worked just fine as well!

So overall I'm happy with my picks. I haven't yet played with these products again, even though I probably should. Oh well. The last thing I wanna say is that you can use the code PWBQ10 to get 10% off your purchase from Born Pretty Store.


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