Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Secret Santa 2014

Hey guys!

Today I have the Secret Santa package I received to share with you! Just like in 2013, I took part in this fun event and of course I wanna show you guys what I got. No swatches this time, sorry - but if you wanna see any of these applied let me know and I will show them as soon as I can!

My Secret Santa was Melanie - thank you! She sent me SEVEN polishes plus samples of two perfumes she said she really likes. Now let me tell you what the polishes are. Looking at the second photo, from left to right:
W7 without name (at least I can't find it!)
Love this color, it seems like it's right up my alley.

Sally Hansen - New Wave Blue
Melanie said this is one she really loves and has too, so she gave me this to enjoy as well - how generous! I quite like the color.

MUA Makeup Academy - Jellyfish
Again, right up my alley!

essence - crack me! white
Not loving it, but that's okay. We'll see what I'm gonna do with it, but it'll probably get given away.

Color Club - Bright Night
What a blue! Loving it. It seems to like to separate a little, though, so I hope the formula will be okay. Oh, and this is my first Color Club polish!

Beauty Women - Amethyst
Pretty color, but I'm not too wild about it. We'll see how it looks applied!

teeez - Free Spirit
Again, I'm gonna have to see what this looks like on the nail since I'm not too into yellow-ish minty colors. Never heard of this brand before!

All in all I am very satisfied with my package. I hope the person who received the polishes I sent out is also satisfied with my picks. Check out the gallery of packages here or here! Lena and Lotte did a great job organizing, so I have to give a big hug and thanks to them as well :)


  1. Das ist aber ein nettes Päckchen. :) Bis auf den Crackle und das Mint klasse. Der Amethyst lässt sich übrigens sehr gut auftragen, den hatte ich auch schon auf den Nägeln. ;)

    LG Lotte

    1. Find ich auch :) Hab heute mal ein bisschen mit - unter anderem - dem Amethyst rumgespielt und du hast Recht, nur besonders deckend ist er nicht. Muss noch weiter experimentieren ^^ Der Color Club ist sehr cool, den hab ich grade drauf.

  2. Great gifts! I always loving doing Secret Santas :-D

    1. I agree! I'm glad there's this one, I have only participated in one other Secret Santa - and that was more than 10 years ago :P

  3. Der Crackle wäre ja nicht so meins - aber der Rest? Me gusta mucho! :)

    1. Ich hab definitiv einen guten Fang gemacht :)


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