Monday, August 4, 2014

Catrice "Metallure" limited edition - my picks

Hey guys!

I'm late today because I couldn't decide on what to post. Now I've finally decided on my picks from Catrice's latest LE, so here we go!

Two coats with top coat. I've been looking for a rose gold polish for a little while now and I've looked at so many bottles that I'm not even sure anymore what tone exactly I'm searching for. This will show brushstrokes so just be aware of that.

From the bottle I had hoped this would be a little bit of an olive-toned golden something. It isn't really, but well. Covers in two coats, shown with top coat. Again, visible brushstrokes.

Again, I got a different impression of this just from looking at it in the bottle. It seemed a little blue-toned, but it really isn't so much once applied. It's more of a charcoal and covers in two coats, and as usual I finished with top coat. Like its sisters, it shows brushstrokes.

There were two more colors: a red and a pink, both with shimmer. I didn't really like the shades, though.

I just picked all of them up because why not, right? I can always claim the packaging made me do it. I think it's really pretty. Anyway, the colors in the swatch are Metalight, Alluring Pink and Alluring Red (top to bottom). I don't know what to do with Metalight, I gotta tell you. It's brownish with pretty strongly reflective shimmer. Oh boy.


  1. These are pretty polishes. Metalfusion looks amazing :-)

    The red lipstick is nice too!

  2. Ooo nice lipsticks.


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