Friday, July 4, 2014

L'Oréal Top Coats Confettis - Splash Peach, Oulala Blue, Graffiti D'Amour

Hey guys!

Remember the black and white topper we got from L'Oréal last year? Well, for this year they ventured into colorful territory and released three new glitter toppers. Let's check them out!

Splash Peach (over essence - On The Road Again)
Shown here with top coat. It's a little difficult to get the glitter distributed somewhat evenly. The glitter-to-base-polish-ratio is not quite as I would want it, but not as bad as with some other glitter toppers.

Oulala Blue (over essence - I Don't Care! I Love It!)
Also shown with top coat, same application as for "Splash Peach".

Graffiti D'Amour (over essence - Hit The Road, Red!)
Again, with top coat and some difficulty of getting even glitter distribution.

Overall, I have to admit I'm not super wowed. If you have any suggestions on what to do with these let me know!


  1. I have the black & white one and thought it looked really cool. I put it over a minty green colour.

    These ones look okay. Not so keen on the first one but the other two look nice :-)

    1. I like that one quite a bit, too! Many have duped it or come out with their own version of it by now, though, so it's gotten a bit boring just because it's everywhere. Oh well, I shouldn't complain - better accessibility!

      I really only like the last one, but I wanted to give them all a try. Maybe I'll do some jelly sandwiches with them!

  2. Wenn ich jetzt ein Glittertopperfan wäre, würde ich losrennen und mir die Lacke kaufen - auf deinen Grundfarben sehen sie nämlich klasse aus! Aber da sie bei mir eh nur vergammeln würden hoffe ich, dass du die noch öfters zeigst :)

    1. Danke! Das kann ich gern machen, werd ich aber womöglich vergessen und muss eventuell erinnert werden ^^


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