Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beating some dead Horses (aka products you've seen a million times already)

Hey guys!

Since I know the stuff I'm showing you today has already been talked about at large, I thought I'd just quickly throw them all together in one post with a few words on all of them...

Catrice "It Pieces" LE
Beautifying Lip Smoother
I got the shade "Cake Pop". It's a really light peachy color with some sparkle, comes off as almost nothing on my lips. I'm not blown away but I don't hate it. If you're trying to remember what this reminds you of, it's probably the Clarins "Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector".
Luxury Lacquers

It's Showtime

Let's Get Lost In Vegas

Lost'N Roses

Plum Fiction

My Big Green Wedding

These are in the same vein as the LE colors from a while back, I think "It's Showtime" might actually be exactly the same as "BRIGHTSmaid" - I haven't tested that theory, though. As far as I remember I used two coats for all of these, and no top coat.

labello Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush
A new flavor of the blogosphere's current hype product! For Americans this is a bit old news already, I believe, since the lip butters (marketed by Nivea in the States) have been out over there for a while already. For us here in Germany they're still fairly new, though. In Austria, there is a fifth flavor/scent that came out with this one: Coconut. I'm a little jelly, not gonna lie. Anyway, this does smell sort of blueberry-ish, though not necessarily all too natural. I haven't used it yet, but I suppose it isn't any different from "Raspberry Rosé" or "Vanilla & Macadamia", both of which I have in use at the moment.

Maybelline "Acid Wash" LE

Lilac Rebel



Bleached Blue

Some more hyped products, anyone? I feel like everyone and their mom has talked about these polishes already, but here's my two cents anyway. If I remember correctly (and it's very much possible that I don't) I used two coats for these photos, plus top coat. As you can see, though, some more wouldn't have hurt. Only "Bleached Blue" has good coverage, all the others are a streaky, sheer mess. I still like them, though. I have one more complaint though: Who was the one who tried so freaking hard with the puns? Seriously, "Mint-Acid-Ittude"? What?


  1. Oh wow the Cartice polishes look super pretty and I like a few of the Maybelline polishes - Mint-Acid-ittude and Bleached Blue :-)


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