Sunday, June 22, 2014

essie "Too Taboo" collection

Hey guys!

Today I bring you one of essie's summer collections. I believe it's marketed as a neon collection, though I've heard people say that they wouldn't classify these polishes as neons, and I have to agree. However, they're still pretty, so let's get a look at them!

chills & thrills
This is a nice, bright blue, shown here with two coats and top coat. It has good opacity. All of these dry sort of semi-matt, so if you want shine you need to add top coat.

i'm addicted
Again, two coats with top coat. I really like this color! It's not quite as strong in pigmentation as "chills & thrills", but it's still nicely opaque.

serial shopper
This one is a little more sheer, as you might be able to see - you can still make out my nail line at two coats (again, with top coat). Surprisingly, I like this color quite a bit. It seems this is soft enough of an orange to not make me go "meh".

sittin' pretty
Again, this one is more on the sheer side. Two coats with top coat here as well. I like it, but the color in the bottle is different from what you get on the nail.

too taboo
The namesake of the collection and the one polish I initially didn't want to buy. But as so often, at some point I just thought "oh well, eff it" and got it anyway. I'm quite glad I did, it's prettier than I thought. This has good opacity, much like "chills & thrills", and covers perfectly in two coats. Top coat adds the shine.

vices versa
This one is quite the same in pigmentation as "serial shopper" - you can see my nail line again here. Two coats with top coat.

To summarize: These are bright colors, but I wouldn't say they're neon. Still fun, though!


  1. Chills & Thrills looks really nice! :-)

    Yeah they aren't really 'neon' are they :-|

    1. It's a great brighter blue!

      Not really, no. Bright, yes, but not neon.


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