Saturday, June 28, 2014

essence "Road Trip" limited edition

Hey guys!

I just picked these things up and thought I'd share them as quickly as I can! I have so many swatches of limited edition things sitting around in my blog folder and the older they get the less likely I am to actually post them, so I want to get this one out as quickly as possible. Get my head back in the game or something. Anyway, here we go!

Hit The Road, Red!
This is two coats without any top coat. This is meant to be a "leather effect" finish, but I have to say the gritty bits don't really come through or are big enough in my opinion. I do like the color, though.

On The Road Again
Another textured one, also two coats without top coat. Again, the gritty bits don't come through that well so the texture isn't too bumpy, but it's still more of a "classic" textured finish than "Hit The Road, Red!". I bought a backup of this because I thought it looked so pretty with its gold and silver sparkly bits... After applying it, I gotta admit I'm not thrilled. But maybe I'll like it better with top coat.

I Don't Care! I Love It!
I wonder if they gave the polish this name because they knew that it was so sheer... This is three coats with top coat. When I applied the first coat I was pretty shocked at how sheer the color went on. Thankfully it can be built up well and three coats give fairly good coverage. The color shift is very nice, but there are a million polishes like this already.

My Sweet Escape
The thermo polish of the collection. Now, when I swatched this it was already pretty late and it was really hard to capture the thermo effect at all. You can see it best, I think, on my ring finger nail in the second picture. The difference between cold and hot isn't super noticeable, though, so... yeah. Not impressed, I gotta say. Two coats with top coat here.

I also got the two mini sheer lipsticks included in this LE. Since I got my new camera beginning of the year I can't take photos of my lips/face anymore - you need to look through a viewfinder to be able to take the picture and obviously if my face is on the other side I can't see anything. So I don't know how to do this (yet?). Any help is appreciated :P Anyway, I did swatch these on my hand, so here goes.

Top: Hit The Road, Red!; bottom: My Sweet Escape

Left: My Sweet Escape; Right: Hit The Road, Red!

The coverage doesn't seem amazing but they look pretty good on the lips. "My Sweet Escape" comes off more pinky on my lips rather than peachy, while "Hit The Road, Red!" comes off as a berry-ish tone. You will see dryness and lip lines accentuated from up-close. The latter isn't as noticeable if you're a little further away but the former is still visible at about arm's length.


  1. I really like i don't care! i love it! but as you said there are a millions polishes like this and i think i hae to or three similar. If i find around this collection, i think i'll bring home only my sweet escape. :)

    P.s. I like your nails with this length. ;)

    1. Yeah, it's just not that special unfortunately!

      Thanks, I do too - they like to break a lot, though, so it's hard to maintain any sort of length :(

  2. Oh the polishes look really nice! I Don't Care! I Love It! is just stunning :-D

  3. Naja, so ein bisschen care ich bei drei Schichten schon... Hübsch, aber der Effekt kommt mir irgendwie so bekannt vor *hust* ;)

    1. Ich eben auch ;) Jaa, neu ist der nicht :P


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