Friday, June 20, 2014

Catrice "Le Grand Bleu" Limited Edition

Hey guys!

I'm not sure what Catrice's idea behind the name of this collection was. There's a big ship and a movie under the same name, but these nail polishes seem to be clearly inspired by the sea. Let's just assume "le grand bleu" ("the great blue") refers to the ocean. Anyway, here we go with the swatches.

Underwater Laugh
I nicknamed this one "grrrggl". Surprisingly opaque, you could get away with one thicker coat. Shown here are two thinner ones, with top coat. This borders on metallic, I think.

Mermaiday Mayday
The - probably - most coveted one of the collection, this nail polish will never reach full opacity on its own. I applied two coats and top coat and loved how it looked like water glittering in the sun. The glitter settles to the bottom of the bottle after a while, so make sure you put it upside down for a bit and roll it around a little before using it.

Bella Aquarella
Again, a sheer polish. I believe I used three coats (with top coat) here, just to see if it would get more opaque. It didn't really, and I'm not too much of a fan. Bummer, really, because the color's pretty. Of course you can always layer it on top of a creme polish.

Entering Atlantis
Two coats here, with top coat. This somehow didn't meet my expectations - I feel like it looked different in the bottle and on the nail.

Mermaid It
Another surprisingly opaque polish, you can definitely get away with one slightly thicker coat. I used two plus top coat here because I'm still a bit clumsy with my nail polish application sometimes. Gold isn't my favorite nail polish color, but this one has a bit of a rose gold/bronze/burned hue to it, so I quite like it.


  1. Bella Aquarella is amazing looking! I love it.

    They don't sell Catrice over here in Scotland which is a great pity as they have so many nice polishes I'd buy ;-)

    1. I just wish it had better coverage, I think it would be even nicer then.

      Ah, that's a pity :( But if you want I could hook you up with some?


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