Saturday, May 10, 2014

Balea Professional deep-cleaning shampoo

Hey guys!

I apologize in advance to all of you who don't have access to this brand - though if you'd really like to give this a try I wouldn't mind hooking you up with a bottle (or tube, really) or two. Anyway, I'm doing something different today - reviewing a shampoo! Why? Because I think it's pretty great. But let's have a look at it first, shall we?

Let's lay down some basics about this first:
content: 250 ml/~ 8.45 fl oz
price: EUR 1.45/~ USD 2.00
  • deep-cleans gently
  • eliminates flyaways
  • anti-grease formula
  • refreshes and vitalizes hair and scalp
  • moisturizes hair
  • helps remove residues of styling products
  • restores natural balance in hair
  • for all hair types
  • no silicones

The ingredient list for those of you who are interested. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to ingredients; I only know that shampoos containing sodium laureth sulfate will strip color-treated hair of its, well, color, faster than shampoos which don't have this in them. I also know that menthol isn't necessarily something you want to put on your skin, since it can be irritating.

First, let me talk a little about my hair, since I think it's important for you to know what my hair is like, so you can at least estimate if this would work for you as well.
I have long hair with a lot of baby hairs and flyaways and frizz - there's always something sticking up here or there. My hair gets electrically charged to the extreme if I straighten it; it will stick to any and all surfaces. It's naturally slightly wavy, though mostly at the ends. When my hair gets wet (and just a little bit of moisture suffices for this), it will curl and get even more frizzy. I have greasy hair and I'm struggling with dandruff. My hair quickly gets greasy again after washing.

Let me give you a bit of backstory as well, just so you know what the premise was: I'd been using head & shoulders for a while and liked it, but my hair still got greasy again soon after I'd washed it. I heard a lot of bloggers and YouTubers talk about deep-cleaning shampoos, and although I don't use styling products often (less than once a month, I'd guesstimate) I wanted to try one. But I didn't want to get an expensive one, because really, if you don't use styling products, I thought, what's the point? I was only gonna use it a few times a month, anyway. So I just got the Balea deep-cleaning shampoo since it's affordable and easily available to me.

I started using it in combination with my head & shoulders, but I didn't feel like it made any difference. I used up the first bottle (tube?) and didn't plan on buying it again, ever. But when I went back to using only head & shoulders, I felt like my hair went back to being greasy after washing more quickly than before. Being the genius I totally am, I deducted that the difference must have been made by the deep-cleaning shampoo, since I hadn't changed anything else. I just used up my second bottle yesterday, and it's actually the one you see above (and yes, those are water drops from the shower, I didn't sprinkle them on there for effect).

That's it for the backstory, now on to what this does for me.
I definitely feel like my hair stays clean a little longer than it used to - it still gets greasy again quickly, but I don't think it happens quite as fast. It doesn't eliminate my flyaways, but I have pretty much given up hope for that anyway. I haven't noticed any irritation from the menthol or the other ingredients. My hair feels soft and just generally nice. Also a plus: The price point is wonderfully low. I use this every time I shower, and I lather my hair up twice. Unfortunately that means I use it up quite quickly.

All in all, I have to say this is rated R for RECOMMENDATION! Worst pun ever? Maybe, but I laughed. Let me know if you'd like to see other reviews like this in the future, give me some constructive criticism! I've never written a review quite as detailed as this one, so I don't know the ropes yet. I'm aware I probably wrote too much, but there was a lot to talk about, and I felt like the details were important. Anyway, if you made it to here, congratulations. Here, have a virtual cookie.


  1. Ich habe das Shampoo auch zu Hause und benutze es ab und an, wenn ich mir einbilde, dass meine Haare "voll" mit irgendwelchem Schmock sind... Aber irgendwie weiß ich nicht so wirklich, ob es tatsächlich alles leerfegt - aber zumindest ist es mir noch nicht negativ aufgefallen ;)

    Die anderen Baleashampoos (und Spülungen) mag ich übrigens auch ganz gerne - wenn du deinem Head & Shoulders untreu werden willst, kann ich die echt empfehlen :)

    1. Ich meine zumindest, dass es was bringt - und wenn das tatsächlich nur Einbildung ist soll's mir auch recht sein ^^

      Ich denke ich muss erstmal meinen ganzen Kram aufbrauchen; hab noch ein paar andere Shampoos, die leergemacht werden wollen. Danach kann ich dann der Empfehlung mal nachgehen, danke :)


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