Monday, April 14, 2014

Secret Easter Bunny

Hey guys!

Remember the Secret Santa post I did? As I'd already mentioned back then, there is now also an Easter Edition of this. Lena and Lotte initiated and organized it, so thanks to them for the hard work! So let's see what I got this time!

left to right: essence - iced strawberry cream; Maybelline - Rose Attraction; Manhattan - Sparkly Nude;
misslyn - champagne; wet n wild - Under Your Spell

Two coats of each, except for Sparkly Nude and Under Your Spell, which I applied three coats of. No top coat.

I'm happy with what I received, so thanks to Wiebke for the cool polishes! I can definitely see a theme with the colors you don't like that much, but I do like them, so it's a win-win! The essence and misslyn polishes I already owned, but no matter, I don't mind having a backup of either of them! I gotta mention that Sparkly Nude has a pretty golden shimmer that I unfortunately couldn't capture on the photo.


  1. Du hast ja eine Hammer-Ausbeute! Den Sparkly Nude hab ich selber, alle anderen finde ich super toll! Ich ärgere mich so, dass ich nichts von der Aktion mitbekommen habe.

    1. Find ich auch :D Schade, aber es gibt bestimmt ein nächstes Mal!

  2. Sehr hübsche Auswahl! :) Für mich ein bißchen zu hell, aber trotzdem tolle Lacke.

    LG Lotte


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