Monday, March 31, 2014

essence "Cookies & Cream" Limited Edition nail polishes

Hey guys!

Today I'm presenting you one of essence's current LEs. The colors weren't all appealing to me, but for the price I thought "You know what? Eff it." and got them all to show you. So here we go!

Cakepop, That's Top!

Two coats with top coat. This is reminiscent of From Russia With Love, but it's even more 90ies in my opinion.

Yummy, Yummy!

A weird, blue-ish grey. Again, two coats with top coat. Not my thing. It made me think of China Glaze "Hook And Line", but I don't have it (what a surprise, right) to compare the two.

Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life

That name is priceless, really. Surprisingly, I like the color. Two coats with top coat. I thought this would be more of a reddish-brown, but it comes off much darker once applied, as you can see.

Macaron, C'est Bon!

Two coats with top coat. A really light pink that I quite like.

I also got the hand balm. It smells like vanilla and absorbs pretty quickly, so I like it. Mostly for the smell, though.


  1. Meinst du, sie eignen sich gut fürs stampen? Sind welche dabei die theoretisch schon mit einer Schicht decken könnten?

    1. Hm, ich weiß nicht so recht. Müsste ich mal ausprobieren, auf den ersten Blick würde ich aber eher sagen nein.

  2. The names are funny. I like the last color the most :-)


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