Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catrice "Une, Deux, Trois" Limited Edition - nail polishes

Hey guys!

Here we go with a look at this current Catrice LE. You know, the one with the weird name. What do you mean that's not helping?

Meet Cherry

Two coats with top coat. Not my favorite, but not a terrible color either.

Meet Berry

Again, two coats plus top coat. Again, not my favorite. I'm not a big fan of berry colors, simply because I think they don't look that great on me. This one's not too bad, though.

Meet Pinky

Two coats with top coat.

Meet Rosy

Two coats with top coat.

Meet Nudy

Two coats plus top coat. The unexpected favorite of the bunch, although it's still nothing exciting. I feel like it suits my skintone rather nicely.

Overall, I feel like this LE is kinda "blah" where nail polishes are concerned. In fact, the whole concept is a little boring to me, color-wise. And can I just say that I don't get why they used "une"?


  1. Auf FB wurde erklärt, dass "une" genutzt wurde, um die Weiblichkeit der Kollektion zu unterstreichen. In meinen Augen ist es ein massiver Fehler bei welchem sich meine Nackenhaare sträuben.

    1. Macht für mich auch absolut keinen Sinn. Was zählen die denn da? Une, deux, trois femmes? Une, deux, trois collections? Kapier ich nicht.


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