Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rival de Loop Young "Safari look" Limited Edition - nail polishes

Hey guys!

Seeing this LE took me a little by surprise, but I guess the brand isn't that popular with the bloggers I follow, so nobody posted about it before it came out. Anyway, let me show you the three nail polishes included!

green crocodile

Two coats with top coat. I didn't expect these to be metallics! From the bottle I just assumed they were shimmery. So that was a surprise... They're also all a bit different in hue on the nail than in the bottle.

shiny bronze

Two coats with top coat. Here you can also see the velours powder thingy that is part of the LE. I shook it out of the container, but that didn't really cover all of my nail, especially the sides near the skin, so I just grabbed bunches of fluff and pressed them on the nail.

desert rose

Two coats with top coat. If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. All in all, the quality of these is pretty good - I haven't tested their wear, though. That'd be kinda futile anyway, since nothing can withstand my nails for more than about 12 hours. I have to admit that I would've preferred them to be shimmers. Maybe these lend themselves well to stamping?


  1. Im Fläschchen sind die Farben ja noch hübsch - aber das Finish geht ja mal so gar nicht! Das ist ja mehr Streifen als sonstwas :(

    1. Ich bin auch nicht so begeistert, wobei man vorsichtig sein muss, die Rillen meiner Nägel nicht mit Streifen zu verwechseln ^^

    2. Also wenn du SOLCHE Rillen auf den Nägeln hast, dann werden die aber von allen anderen Lacken echt gut versteckt ;)

    3. Stimmt, bei den meisten sieht man's nicht mehr. Aber bei Metalliclacken sieht man sie immer sehr gut :P


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