Monday, February 24, 2014

Rival de Loop "Glitter Sensation" Limited Edition - nail polishes

Hey guys!

Today I present to you an LE that would have fit far better into the time around New Year's - in my opinion, at least. But since we're talking glitter nail polish, I'm not gonna complain.


Never mind the unbelievably creative name. This is two coats with top coat. The black jelly base is filled with silver and holographic glitter in two sizes. Probably best layered over black or a similarly dark color.


Two coats with top coat. This has a blue jelly base with small holographic and big blue glitter in it. Interesting combination.

I think this is intended as a topper, so I layered it over a selection of colors to see what effects I would get. I quite like the results, I have to say! Shown is one coat of "03" (again with the creative names) over each base color, with top coat.

over essence "it's raining men!"

over Catrice "I'm so aNude"

over essence "a hint of love"

over essence "galatic glam"


  1. Von dem blauen bin ich ja positiv überrascht - der ist ja gar nicht soo sheer! Ansonsten ist das für mich einfach zu sehr "Topper" - da weiß ich schon im Vorfeld, dass ich sie nicht nutzen werde ;)

    1. Stimmt, es geht eigentlich ^^ Ich weiß noch nicht genau, wie oder ob ich sie benutzen werde.

  2. Replies
    1. I like the third one best, but they're all pretty :)

  3. Der letzte Topper über dem Rot gefällt mir ziemlich gut :)

  4. Love the topper over the red <3

  5. Hübsch, hübsch, aber leider gibt's hier keinen Rossmann :(

  6. All of these are too pretty. Wow.

    1. I'm a little in love with how no. 03 looks over red.


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