Sunday, February 2, 2014

essence Limited Edition "Love Letters" - duo eye pencils and nail polishes

Hey guys!

I guess this is fitting with Valentine's Day (don't worry, this will be the last time I mention it) just around the corner. So let's check out that stuff, shall we?

duo eye pencils

As you can see, they have a sponge at one end to blend the color. I feel like it's pretty stiff, but I haven't tried it out in my eye area.

Here are swatches for both of them. As you might be able to see, the tip of "Grey-Headed Lovebird" broke off when I swiped it across my hand. These went on pretty smoothly.

nail polishes

Rosy In Love

I'm not sure anymore if I used two or three coats. I'm inclined to say three, because I found it kinda hard to get it smooth. Top coat definitely helped. I like the color, a pretty, light pink.

I Got A Crush On Blue

Again, I can't remember if two coats were enough to smooth out the surface, but I don't think so. Again, top coat helped enormously. I seem to have a problem with colors that have a lot of white in them, it's always so difficult for me to get them to look nice.

Grey-Headed Lovebird

I think this was two coats? I'm sorry guys, this is all over the place. If you're wondering about the bottle, well. The brush on the original just fell out of the cap and I couldn't get it to stick in there, so I had to pour the polish into a different bottle. This used to be filled with essence gel look top coat. The color isn't my favorite but it's alright.

Dear Peach!

Since this is also one of those white-based pastels, I'm inclined to say this is three coats plus top coat. I'm not sure how I feel about this; objectively, it's pretty, but I can't quite decide whether it works with my skintone.


Two coats with top coat. This is advertised (as you can see) as a sort of stamping polish. I like the color and the name is wonderful, too.

stamping with Inkheart

So I didn't get the "stampy set" that comes with the LE, simply because it didn't appeal to me all that much, but I picked out another essence stamping plate that I already had. I think Inkheart dries up too quickly to be used for stamping. Maybe I'm just too slow, but it didn't work out all that well for me.


  1. Ich muss sagen, dass ich die Lacke unglaublich langweilig finde - aber sie passen halt gut in den Pastell-bitte-keine-Farbe-Frühlingstrend. Lediglich der "Stamping"-Lack hat eine coole Farbe - aber schade, dass sich damit doch nicht so perfekt stampen lässt :/

    1. Besonders sind sie nicht, das stimmt. Zum Stampinglack... na ja. Vielleicht kann jemand mit mehr Erfahrung mit Stamping was damit anfangen. Mir trocknet er einfach zu schnell.

  2. I used your photos on my blog and I write your blog adress..I hope you do not inconvenience :) sincerely

    1. Thanks for telling me. I would've been even happier if you had asked before using them!


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