Friday, February 14, 2014

Astor "Black & White" collection - nail polishes

Hey guys!

When I went to the drugstore a while ago I was really surprised to find a new Astor LE on display. Of course I had to check out the polishes!

Check Matte

As you can see, this is a matte black. I don't know what is wrong with it, though, because - as you can also see - it kept cracking. I applied three coats and each one cracked. What is this nonsense?

Game of Graphics

This seems to be similar to (or even a dupe for) China Glaze's "Whirled Away". It's quite hard to get enough glitter pieces on the nail, and then distribute them at least somewhat evenly. You're putting a lot of the clear base down, but not that much glitter, which is something I really hate. Not impressed - again. This is over misslyn "ballet".

Play The Graffiti

We've seen tons of this sort of "salt and pepper" glitter combo already, so this is not all too special. I still like it, though, and it goes on without me having to dip back in the bottle multiple times or having to push the glitter around a lot. Shown here over misslyn "standing ovations".


  1. Öhm, der matte Lack ist ja mal... Seltsam? Oo Mattlacke können ja durchaus mal etwas schwierig sein, aber das sieht echt mistig aus! Die beiden schwarz-weißen Topper finde ich eigentlich ganz nett - aber mir reicht erstmal einer :)

    1. Ja, ziemlich. Mal sehen wie es ohne Unterlack aussieht, das scheint der Trick zu sein...
      Man braucht auch durchaus keine zig gleichen Topper :P

  2. I had the same problem with a cheaper brand matte black. I found that a really thick coat helped. If you check it out here: you can see a picture of the crackle effect. I was quite happy how the left hand turned out.

    I've read that not wearing a base coat also helps.

    I like the glitters, the first is certainly a dead ringer for Whirled Away!

    1. I'll try those ideas, thanks :)

      Glad you agree!

  3. Did you have a base coat under the matte? I find that most of my mattes start to crackle if I wear them with a base coat.

    1. Yep, I did! Thanks for the tip, I'll try it without base coat :)


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