Friday, January 10, 2014

P2 Limited Edition "Beauty Rebel" - nude love lipstick pencils and nail polish

Hey guys!

Hot off the shelves, so to speak, I bring you swatches of my picks from P2's current LE. I gotta say, I'm not sure how the name relates to anything they feature in the LE, but whatever.

nude love lipstick pencils

nude # 1

nude # 2

nude # 3

Three swipes each; they go on nicely and feel creamy. I would've done lip swatches, too, but my lips aren't in the best condition right now so I thought I'd better spare you. Also, can we all take a moment to appreciate the creativity behind those names? Beautiful! Creativity at its finest.

screamin' nail polish "bitter-sweet purple"

Two coats with top coat of this lilac color. It has fine silver shimmer and slightly bigger pinky-fuchsia-ish particles in it, but the latter are definitely invisible on the nail. Hell, it's even almost invisible in the bottle - I just discovered it actually, looking at the bottle again to see how fine the shimmer is, exactly.


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