Monday, January 6, 2014

Catrice Limited Edition "Celtica" - nail polishes

Hey guys!

I'm enjoying the last few hours of my day off and I wanted to share these polishes from a current Catrice LE with you before you can't get them anymore. I only have two of the total of four released with the LE, the other colors just weren't really up my alley. So let's see what I picked, shall we?


Two coats with top coat. This dark, brown-ish purple has mainly silver shimmer, but also a few specks of blue and pink here and there. You'll only notice the silver on the nail, though. Even with the shimmer, this is still subtle and kind of classy.


Two coats with top coat of this pale lilac with strong grey undertones and silver sparkle. The sparkle is pretty much invisible on the nail, though it will peek through here and there. I like this one better than "Paralilac", but I have to say that in the end, neither of them really knocks my socks off.


  1. Die dunklere Matschepampe finde ich ja ganz okay - aber du hast recht, ein wirklicher Knüller ist da keiner von :/

  2. Paralilac is so prettyyyy.....

  3. Ich hab die Celtica LE auch komplett stehen gelassen, weil mich die Lacke einfach kalt gelassen haben..
    LOVEnder ist schon ganz hübsch, aber irgendwie wollte der Funke nicht so richtig überspringen~

  4. Ja, da hast du recht, die sind beide nicht so der Hammer. Aber toll lackiert :-)


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