Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Swatch] butter London - Pitter Patter (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hey guys!

I'm not gonna go over my continued absence again, so let's just jump to the fun part, shall we? This week's theme is purple! Aaah, my favorite color. I just love it. And while I was pondering what polish to use I remembered a fairly recent purchase that fit the bill wonderfully, so here it is.

Two coats with top coat. I can't say that this is unique to my collection, but I also can't say that it's not a color I buy again and again. Pretty purples just get me every time, especially the ones with shimmer.


  1. Sehr schön :) Ich hab überlegt, ob ich den auch brauche - dann war er mir aber zu Creme :P Trotzdem isser echt zauberhaft!

    1. Ja, der Schimmer ist relativ dezent. Aber bei Lila kann ich immer so schlecht widerstehen :P

  2. This is gorgeous. I'd love to have this on my nails.


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